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Raw Loops – AfterHours Techno

Raw Loops – AfterHours Techno

520+MB of dark groove-heavy late-night techno, featuring rumbling sub basslines, techy drums, twisted vocal cuts and dark synths for floor-freakin’ techno monsters. AfterHours Techno is all about the later club hours from night into sunrise when the real underground experience happens.

Totalling 243 loops, AfterHours Techno is a forward-thinking fusion of cutting-edge tech & pumping techno, from deep and dark music loops, big sub basslines, teched-up and tracky beats, analogue kick-free tops, percussive loops, processed vox, FX, & more.

Publisher: RAW LOOPS

Style: Techno

Format: wav

Bit: 24-bit

Quality: 44.1 kHz

Channel: Stereo

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Beat Loops – 71 tracky, techy beatdowns bristling with depth and warmth.

Tops Loops – 40 kick-craving tech tops loaded with analogue shots, and quirky circuit-derived sounds.

Bass Loops – 25 deep and driving sub-smackers for maximum low-end power.

Music Loops – 24 afterhours leads, deep and dark riffs built to inspire.

Percussion Loops – 27 processed rhythm-rocking infused grooves.

FX – 14 bending & morphed synths, noises, & more

Vocal Loops – 15 male and female glitched vocal cuts tweaked and processed with the trademark RAW LOOPS feel.

RAW_Kicks – 27 Pounding kick drum loops ready to cut-through any track.

  • 17 April 2016
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  • 5,083

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