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Raw Loops – New Skool Techno

Raw Loops – New Skool Techno

430+MBs of melancholic Techno with driving drum grooves, heavy & rolling basses, dark synth riffs, shuffling hihat loops, vocals samples & more. New Skool Techno blends two genres of techno from the dark tough beats of Detroit & Berlin, to the modern-esque sound of Techno Festivals worldwide.

Coming in at 213 loops, this sample pack musically fuses two worlds of techno with everything from thick basses, smacking sub-heavy kicks, pushing hats, breathing and movement packed synths, glitched out vocals, backgrounds & more offering every element you need to produce your next record.

Publisher: RAW LOOPS

Style: Techno

Format: wav

Bit: 24-bit

Quality: 44.1 kHz

Channel: Stereo

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Tops Loops – 37 no kick- techno tops, just add your underlying drums and for instant energy packed beats.

Bass Loops – 25 super-subby rolling groove bass loops for all out speaker rattling.

Music Loops – 24 melancholic & unique leads to kick start your next track ideas.

Beat Loops – 52 techno driver beat loops, providing a display of whats on offer in the sample pack, & can be used straight up or resampled for that extra-gritty re-sampled sound.

Percussion Loops – 20 unusual percussion loops for when you need that touch of differentiation in your song.

Vocal Loops – 17 male and female crunchy vocal loops & glitch hooks.

RAW_Kicks – 25 deep & hard-hitting kick drum loops.

Pad_Background Loops – 13 harmonic pad and background loops, perfect beds to add emotion to your tracks

  • 25 March 2016
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