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Credland Audio – StereoSavage v1.1.6

Credland Audio – StereoSavage v1.1.6

Achieve the stunning stereo your mix deserves. StereoSavage provides an innovative stereo toolbox, combining tried and tested studio techniques with emulations of modern and classic tools that will bring your mix to life.

Generate stereo from mono with the: VOX, DELAY and EXPAND programs. Place sounds precisely in the stereo field with the adjustment tools: WIDTH, PAN and ROTATION. Create movement and chorus-like effects with the LFO and retain a solid low end with the adjustable BASS BYPASS.

StereoSavage includes all of these features in a single plugin for the first time, offering the flexibility to enhance your track with dramatic effects, or add the perfect subtle finishing touches.

Developer: Credland Audio

Tablet: Есть

Bit: x86, x64

The supported OS: Mac OSX, Win

Download StereoSavage v1.1.6 from Credland Audio

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Create stereo from mono sources for richer soundscapes.
Control the placement and width of stereo sources. Separate instruments within the stereo field.
Use the rotation effect for an incredibly natural sounding pan.
Get lush wide vocals in seconds.
Quick simple controls for achieving a ‘big sound’.
Add motion or excitement with modulation.
Retain great mono compatibility with the bass bypass feature.
Reduce the number of vocal takes required for rich, tight, backing vocals.


  • 4 May 2016
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