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StudioLinkedVST – Vocal Runs Module

StudioLinkedVST – Vocal Runs Module

Vocal Runs Module is here. Compatible for both Windows 32/64-Bit and Mac VST/AU. Taking a new approach to vocals in virtual instrument plugins. Vocal Runs contains both male and female vocals. All vocals were recorded/performed by Chris Ray & Kandice Montgomery. Get your copy today.

Developer: StudioLinkedVST

Tablet: Есть

Bit: x86, x64

The supported OS: Win

Interface language: English

Download Vocal Runs Module from StudioLinkedVST

Instrument Categories
• 189 Instruments Presets
• Male Kits-3 To 4 Runs In Each
• Male Runs-Single Run Stretched
• Female Kits-3 To 4 Runs In Each
• Female Runs-Single Rn Stretched
• Reverb
• Lfo Depth
• Lfo Rate
• Pan
• Volume


  • 7 April 2016
  • 0
  • 18,778

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